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The Artist's Insomnia pt 12 by ~merrypsimon

It seemed hours since anybody had spoken. 3 and 4 had since went ahead of the rest of them, taking advantage of a chance to explore.
“Oh creator! I’ve never had to rest this much before!” 2 exclaimed, sitting down on a piece of rubble. 5 sat away from the rest of them, lost deep in worried thoughts. Why hadn’t 6 simply told him he wanted to look for his music box? Why would 6 go out into the emptiness alone?
“5?” 9 asked, pulling 5 out of his deep thoughts.
“Yes?” 5 asked quietly. 9 looked at him with concern. 9 took a seat next to the engineer.
“We’ll find him” 9 said confidently, putting a comforting hand on  5’s shoulder.
“But what if we don’t?” 5 asked.
“But nothing. We’ll  find him” 9 assured him.
“But what if….what if he’s hurt?” 5 asked worriedly.
“Then we’ll bring him back and fix him up” 9 said.
“What if we can’t?” 5 asked, the thought plaguing his mind.
“Let’s just find him first okay?” 9 asked his worried friend. 5 nodded and stood up, walking back toward 7 and 2. A few moments after they returned 3 and 4 came running toward them.
We found something! 3 flashed his optics madly at the group.
“What is it?” 7 asked, standing up. 4 walked closely behind her brother, cradling a striped piece of fabric to her chest like a small teddy bear.
It’s….it’s his number…6 was here 4 walked over to 5, placing the tattered fabric in his hands. 5 closed his optic and shook his head.
“Where did you find this?” he asked the twins.
Follow me! 4 waved her arm toward where they all hoped 6 would be
“6?” they each took their turn calling his name. It seemed hopeless. They’d been searching for hours, but there was no sign of the missing artist.  
“Maybe we should just go back” 7 said, feeling guilty for even thinking about going back.
“We can’t. Not without 6” 5 whispered.
“But we’ve been out here for hours! We don’t know where he is” 7 said hopelessly. 5 looked down defeated.
What’s that? 3 pointed out into the distance. 5 looked up to where 3 was pointing.
It looks like a box! It could be 6’s music box!
Lets go!  3 and 4 began to run, 5, 7, 9 and 2 following close behind them. As they ran a wooden box came into view. The lid was opened, showing them a leafless tree.
“That’s it! That’s his music box!” 5 exclaimed. The six of them ran to the dark brown box,
Searching frantically for the missing stitchpunk. As the others searched around the box, 5 noticed a small figure. The tiny figure was lying on the ground, curled into a ball. A gaping hole replacing his back.
“6!” 5 exclaimed. He ran over to the small stitchpunk. Dropping to his knees on the ground next to the artist. 6 was shaking violently, and his hands were wrapped around his key in a locked grip. He was sobbing quietly, begging for death to claim him.  
“6?” 5 asked quietly. The shaking stitchpunk jumped in fear at his worried friend’s voice, and began to sob once more.
“Over the rainbow…it’s gone it’s gone…5.…5’s gone…he left me… he died. Everything left me everything’s broken, and I’m broken too!” 6 sobbed hysterically. Realizing the frightened stitchpunk was past listing, 5 picked 6 up off the ground and placed him in his lap.
“Somebody find me some kind of blanket for him” 5 called out to the others.
“5 left me…I’m alone…I’m alone…5 left me….he promised he wouldn’t leave….I watched him die…and I wanted to die too” 6 cried. 5 pulled the weeping stitchpunk closer to him, trying his best to calm the child-like artist and his fears. 5 began to hum quietly.
“Shh.  Come stop your crying. It’ll be alright. Just take my hand, hold it tight*” 5 sang to the little artist, taking 6’s hand in his own. 6 subconsciously squeezed 5’s hand lightly.
“I will protect you from all around you. I will be here, don’t you cry*” 5 sang. 6 opened his optics slowly, focusing them on the person that was now holding him.
“Fi-fiv-5?” 6 hiccupped.
“It’s me 6. I’m here” 5 whispered to him. 6 wrapped his arms around 5’s waist, ignoring the fact it hurt to move any part of his body.
“I-I..I” 6 whispered, still shaking terribly.
“But I found you” 5 smiled at his weary friend.
“You…You found me” 6 whispered, his voice becoming weaker with everything he said.
“I’ll always find you” 5 said quietly, Stroking 6’s head gently. 6 smiled sleepily at his friend….his savior. 5 continued to rock 6 soothingly, eventually being brought a dark green piece of fabric that was long enough to be wrapped around 6.
“Are you ready to go back?” 5 asked 6 quietly. 6 only nodded, too tired to move or say anything. 5 stood up, carrying 6 in his arms like a small child. Soon they began to walk back toward the cathedral, finally able to go home.
I’m sorry about your music box 6. I hope you’ll fell better soon. 6 nodded tiredly and extended a small shaking hand to her. She took his hand in hers and rubbed her thumb across the top of his hand gently. Grateful that 6 was okay after all. 6 rested his head in the crook of 5’s neck and sighed contently. Thankful that 5 had saved him. 6 closed his optics and hummed lightly. Knowing that one day, everything would be okay.
The original: [link]

By: :iconmerrypsimon:

Artist Comments: BTW! The preview picture is drawn by "Snowiweather" on the 9 forum. Snowi drew the preview picture for this story, and is letting me use it for the preview picture. it depicts a very sleepy 6 leaning aginst 5, trying despreatly to keep himself awake while lisiting to the song "He Lives In You" from "The Lion King 2"

Okay, so it's my very first "9" fic, even if it's about 5 and 6 mostly. I'll eventually write more, and this story is currently posted on [link] (The "9" Forum) You can find me there under the username "6" Anyway first off summary.

When 6's, (Voiced by Crispin Glover) voices come to him and make him hurt 5 (Voiced by John C Reilly) while sleeping, 6 begins to fear 5, thinking that his best friend hates him and wants him to be punished. Knowing that his best friend is getting worse with each day, 5 is unsure of 6's strange behavior and how he can help it. Then, when 6's song is taken from him by the voices he hears, 6 stops sleeping, unable to calm himself enough to let sleep take over. While 5 watches his best friend slowly succumb to sleep deprivation, 6 starts to take matters into his own hands, even if it will kill him.

This story got AMAZING! feedback on the 9 forum, won't you do the same for me on here?

Chapter One: Nightmare & Voices
Chapter Two: About 6
Chapter Three: Blessed Curse
Chapter Four: Problems
Chapter Five: Fixing His Hands
Chapter Six: Split 6
Chapter Seven: Of Mood Swings & Confusion
Chapter Eight: It's Called A Moe-Zay-Ick!
Chapter Nine: He's Gone
Chapter Ten: His Musical Puzzle
Chapter Eleven: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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